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Technical Book Club

Practice of System and Network AdministrationI’ve started listening to the Mind of Root podcast again, and just in time. They are starting a book club, but not the kind of book club you would expect. Instead of the mainstream fiction or self-help books you see in most book clubs, they are covering technical books for system administrators.

The first book they are going to be going through is The Practice of System and Network Administration. It looks like a very interesting book and I can’t wait to start going through it. They describe it as a “non-technical” technical book because it talks about general concepts and procedures instead of specifics that may change with each software upgrade.

Here are some of the more interesting chapter titles:

-What to do when… (How to handle various situations)

-Climb out of the hole (Managing your backlog of tasks)




I think this book is going to be very useful for me since I’m the only IT person where I work and sometimes that makes it hard to keep up on new administration procedures.

They are going to be discussing it chapter by chapter on their blog, so head over to the Mind of Root blog and check out the discussions.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any similar book recommendations.