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Windows ReadyBoost in a Laptop

Laptop ReadyBoostHave you ever wanted to speed up the performance of your laptop using Windows ReadyBoost but didn’t want to constantly be plugging and unplugging a USB flash drive? Here is a solution that’s small enough to leave in your laptop all the time. It’s a combination of a microSD flash memory card and a tiny USB microSD card reader.

Windows ReadyBoost is a technology that was first introduced with Windows Vista then continued in Windows 7. It helps speed up your computer by allowing windows to use it for swap space as well as optimizing system and application startup files on it so they load more quickly. This works better than a hard drive alone because startup and swapping usually involves accessing many small files and flash memory exceeds over hard drives at its random access speed. This also works with your hard drive so that two data stores are being access at the same time to help eliminate bottlenecks and queuing. It is also safe since it is only keeping a copy of the files which are still stored on your hard drive. This means you won’t lose any data or cause any harm to your computer if for some reason it fails or isn’t there when you boot up.

My friend showed me this microSD card reader which was small enough to carry on his keychain and not get in the way. I notice how small it was after the cover was removed, then had the idea of using it as a permanent ReadyBoost drive for my laptop. The key component is an elago Mobile Nano II USB microSD Card Reader.  You also need a microSD or microSDHC card that’s fast enough to use with ReadyBoost. The faster, the better. I’m using this Transcend 8gb Class 6 MicroSDHC card.

Laptop ReadyBoost card and reader

Here is the card reader without the cover. See how small it is?

Laptop ReadyBoost reader without cover

The microSD card sticks in the front of the reader in a slot under the USB connector.

Laptop ReadyBoost card in reader

Here is the card in the reader. You can hardly tell it’s there.

Laptop ReadyBoost

Now, just put it in one of your laptop’s USB ports…

ReadyBoost in laptop

…and set up ReadyBoost.

Laptop ReadyBoost settings

I put it in the side since it gets in the way of the docking station if I use one of the ports on the back. Even so, you can barely even notice it’s there and it never gets in the way.

ReadyBoost in laptop

Microsoft recommends a readyboost drive about twice the size of the physical memory you have. Since I have two gigs of memory in this laptop, I only used about half of this 8gb flash drive leaving 4gb free. You can use this extra space as extra storage, or do what I did.

Stay tuned to an upcoming post about how I used the extra space as a:

Multi-Boot Linux USB Boot Drive

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USB Linux Multiboot

Questions or comments? let me know if this worked for you or if you have a different solution in the comments below.