List Open UDP Ports Using Powershell

In the last post I showed how to list open TCP ports using Powershell. Unlike the netstat command in DOS, Powershell splits TCP and UDP into two different commands, Get-NetTCPConnection and Get-NetUDPEndpoint. Here are some examples of Get-NetUDPEndpoint.

Get-NetUDPEndpoint by itself will return the local address and local port


To show listening ports filter for the address

Get-NetUDPEndpoint | Where {$_.LocalAddress -eq ""}

To view the owning process ID, add the OwningProcess field.

Get-NetUDPEndpoint | Where {$_.LocalAddress -eq ""} | select LocalAddress,LocalPort,OwningProcess

And use this command to display the name of the owning process.

Get-NetUDPEndpoint | Where {$_.LocalAddress -eq ""} | select LocalAddress,LocalPort,@{Name="Process";Expression={(Get-Process -Id $_.OwningProcess).ProcessName}}

In my next post I will demonstrate combining Get-NetTCPConnection and Get-NetUDPEndpoint into a single command.

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